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Swayam Learning is an established business that utilizes a combined experience of over 25 years in the field of English education. Be trained by professionals in the field!

Swayam Learning uses a unique, systematic approach that focuses on intensive and extensive English Language Arts preparation for MEAP, NWEA, ACT/SAT, AP/IB, long-term, and college preparatory learning.

We offer a warm, friendly blended online learning environment that focuses on intensive, rigorous learning advancement to boost students’ achievement. Our E-Level Program is: Interactive, inclusive teaching in small classes with a rigorous, accelerated curriculum that accommodates students’ range of skills to advance their mastery in the subject that is applicable across the curriculum in school and college.

Philosophy and Goals

At Swayam Learning, we believe that interactive and intensive teaching facilitates motivation and interest in students when learning meets their needs. Our classes are designed to meet students’ needs and levels of understanding while advancing and accelerating their skills and abilities to at least three grades higher than their current level. Our curriculum is never static; it is progressive. We are aiming at long-term learning and mastery of skills that will be the tools they can use across any curriculum or subject/discipline for college.

Our goal is to cover the gaps in learning, occurring in school in preparation for the exams and college. Thus, we support school instruction by providing additional exposure to advanced skills and concepts necessary for standardized exams and college preparation. We also support homeschooling efforts because our courses allow for a range of knowledge and skills in students while challenging them to apply current and new skills consistently and thoroughly.

Consistency is key in our curriculum, so what they learn at one level will reappear again at another level but in more advanced ways. Application is the primary driving force of our curriculum as well, so students never escape from seeing how all the concepts need to be applied and intertwined. In this way, students learn not only the core concepts and skills of grammar, reading analysis, vocabulary and writing, but they also see how these support and intertwine with each other to prepare for more mature, higher-level analytical and writing skills.

Again, this is a way to cover the gaps in learning occurring between:

  • Grade levels at school

  • School levels (elementary to middle school; middle school to high school)

  • School curriculum vs. Standardized exams (MEAP, ACT, SAT)

  • Regular curriculum vs. AP/IB curriculum

  • Entire school education vs. College education (across all subjects and fields)


Our curriculum serves to prepare students for standardized exams, higher-grade levels, AP/IB courses, and ultimately college. Our instruction is like a college classroom, interactive, task-based, and process-oriented. Each level that we offer builds on old skills and teaches new concepts to apply in new and advanced ways. In the process, we also prepare students for collegiate skills: self-efficacy, responsibility, proactive learning, formal presentation, adaptive thinking, critical thinking, and oral skills.

Swayam Learning's English Language Arts program is based on USDOE (United States Department of Education) curriculum standards, NCTE (The US-based National Council of Teachers of English) and IB (International Baccalaureate) standards and expectations. This unique, integrative and interwoven approach is developed by the Founder and Managing Director with a PhD in Curriculum and Instruction from Wayne State University and English Education degrees from University of Michigan.

Swayam Learning focuses on long-term learning through consistent application of core concepts in reading, grammar, vocabulary, oral presentation skills, critical thinking and writing while encouraging students to develop independent skills that include proactive learning, self-efficacy, responsibility, commitment to self-development as well as formal and professional presentation of self and work.

Who We Are

I'm a paragraph. Click here to add your own text and edit me. It's easy.

I'm a paragraph. Click here to add your own text and edit me. It's easy.

Our Founder

Dr. Mitali Chaudhery: She has been the Director of Online Education and has been an Associate Dean of Online General Education programs in higher education, has taught at the college and school levels for 20 years, and has worked as a Senior Business Analyst and Project Manager in the IT industry for financial and pharmaceutical industries. She not only holds a PhD in Curriculum and Instruction but a secondary teaching certification and two M.A. degrees in English and Health Administration as well. She has minored in Art History, Comparative Literature, Psychology, and Communications.

Dr. Chaudhery has created online training programs for faculty, trained faculty and administrators for distance education, developed college curriculum for online education, and overseen online graduate and undergraduate online programs.  A trained educator with experience in the corporate world, she loves to prepare students for a globally diverse and professional career and teach English, Communication, Drama, Humanities, and Art History. She has published a guidebook for high school students preparing for the college admission essay: "The 5 Key Steps to Writing the College Admission Essay", which is available on Amazon.

Our Teachers

All our teachers are certified to teach English at the school level and typically experienced or prepared to teach at the college level. Those who do not possess a PhD come with experience in a combination of elementary, secondary, and higher education, teaching certifications, B.A./M.A. degrees and successful teaching experience.


In other words, we make sure to provide experienced instructors to teach our students because we take students’ education and our curriculum very seriously.

Most of our teachers are teaching at local school districts, completely familiar and experienced with Core Standards, higher level learning, and online teaching.

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